Album release: CALLING MARIAN – HYPER OPUS (CVNT Records)

Step into the mesmerizing world of Calling Marian\\\’s « Hyper Opus », an electronic music journey that defies genre boundaries and invites listeners to question the very essence of music and its connection to feminism and sisterhood. This album is a true musical manifesto, pushing the envelope of electronic soundscapes and transcending the conventional norms.


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Within \\\”Hyper Opus, \\\” Calling Marian weaves an intricate web of electronic genres, from techno and trance to acid, dance, synthwave, and ambient. The instrumental nature of this opus offers an unparalleled listening experience, a canvas of sonic landscapes where each listener becomes an explorer, forging their own path through the music. As you delve into the album, you\\\’ll encounter standout tracks like \\\”La fuite en avant, \\\” a sonic adventure that sparks both nostalgia and a longing for new horizons. Its emotive crescendos and captivating rhythms will take you on a journey of self-discovery.


\\\”Inferno\\\” is a disco-infused firestorm that sets the dancefloor ablaze, an irresistible call to let loose and embrace the rhythm. The infectious beats and grooves will have you moving to the music without a care in the world. Then there\\\’s \\\”Le premier jour, \\\” a crescendo of hyper-emotional intensity that captures the essence of a new beginning. It\\\’s a musical journey that mirrors life\\\’s emotional highs and lows, leaving an indelible mark on your soul. \\\”Hyper Opus\\\” is not just an album; it\\\’s an invitation to explore the intricate relationship between sound, emotion, and empowerment. Join Calling Marian on this sonic adventure, where feminism, sisterhood, and musical innovation converge. Let each track guide you through a complex world of sound, leaving you with a unique interpretation of its sonic landscapes. Welcome to the future of electronic music; welcome to \\\”Hyper Opus. \\\”



Martin Solveig returns with uplifting new album “Back To Life”

The Parisian house pioneer’s first full album in over a decade was well worth the wait

Martin Solveig – Back To Life (POSITIVA/EMI)

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Parisian house phenomenon Martin Solveig is back with his hotly anticipated new album Back To Life, out on 20th October via POSITIVA/EMI.

His first LP since 2011, Back To Life was worth the wait: jam-packed with unforgettable melodies, zesty productions and talented collaborators, this is a life-affirming new sound from Martin Solveig.

Album opener and latest single ‘I Don’t Wanna Work’ pairs a classic Solveig disco groove with the infectious vocal hooks of Stefflon Don, and ‘Coffee at Tiffany’s’ maintains the party vibe with Raphaella’s sweet melodies over funk bass. ‘Lost’ strips back the groove for a more reflective and heartfelt moment, while ‘Bite Size’ with Ina Wroldsen is a piano ballad set to a disco stomp. Album centrepiece and lead single ‘Allo Allo’ once again looks to Raphaella for an earworm hook that lives long in the memory, followed by the cool downtempo strut of ‘After Midnight’ with MNDR. ‘Now Or Never’ is a rousing, emotional banger featuring a soaring lead vocal from in-demand singer-songwriter Faouzia. Capping off the album, ‘Confettis & Rain’ closes out on a beautifully melancholic piano-driven ballad.

Global multi-platinum-selling Parisian artist ​​Martin Solveig ​​has achieved phenomenal success in his 20 years as a DJ, producer and songwriter and still continues to push the boundaries of music with his pioneering ideas. He honed his craft in his teens, became a resident DJ at revered Parisian clubs ​​Le Palace ​​and ​​Le Queen, and before long was releasing chart-topping singles and producing for Madonna. In recent years Martin​ has teamed up with fellow house aficionado ​David Guetta​ on ‘​Thing For You​’, and also performs as ​EUROPA​​, a collaborative project with fellow producer ​​Jax Jones which most recently found success with the 2022 summer anthem ‘Lonely Heart’ featuring Gracey. With a huge 2023 ahead, Martin\\\’s tour schedule is set to hit 50 shows, alongside 4 sets at Ushuaia, Ibiza this summer.


OUT NOW: Mollono.Bass – Remix Collection 7 | 3000° Grad

Mollono.Bass – Remix Collection 7 | 3000° Grad

The sonic world of Mollono.Bass is very similar to the landscape of deep forests and lakes in which it was created. Just like the bucolic beauty of his home Mecklenburg is in a constant state of change, with each season bringing different light, different colours, different moods and atmospheres, his style as a music producer is best described as organically flowing between styles, ideas and genres. This is very noticeable in his remixes: Sometimes they turn out as a euphoric house tune bursting with sunny vibes, sometimes they present themselves as technoish twilight in the mysterious undergrowth of ecstasy. Sometimes Mollono.Bass plays with the human soul of a voice or the hand-played dynamics of a band, and sometimes he is inspired by the purely synthetic grace of digitally processed rhythms and grooves. That said, the already seventh part of the Mollono.Bass Remix Collection is a highly versatile, yet at the same time highly consistent affair – be it on your headphones or on a massive sound system.

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Armand Van Helden delivers a VIP remix of his summer hit “I Won’t Stop”

Signing off on the 25th anniversary milestone of his UK #1 hit single “You Don’t Know Me”, Armand Van Helden completes his return to FFRR with an alternative mix of his summer anthem “I Won’t Stop”.

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Putting a late-night spin on the upbeat original, Armand has taken inspiration from the stripped-back techno sounds of the 90s with his alt mix and delivered a delirious, heavyweight interpretation with looping vocals, hypnotic drums, and a raw, analogue vibe reminiscent of his early productions.
Following the recent release of Calvin Logue’s remix, Armand’s alt mix completes the package to perfectly compliment the original version of “I Won’t Stop” which was a return to the high energy, vocal-driven house sound that made Armand Van Helden a name synonymous with game-changing music that stands the test of time.
In 1999, “You Don’t Know Me” – Armand’s first outing on FFRR – secured the #1 spot on the UK singles chart and was a top 10 hit in France, Germany and Italy; the release’s overnight success has left a lasting impression on the scene, rightfully earning its spot as one of house music’s most iconic and timeless tracks. Along with that unmistakable NYC swagger and an ear for a chart crossover, subsequent #1s with Dizzee Rascal and a remix of Tori Amos’ “Professional Widow” helped secure Armand’s place as the undisputed king of the late 90s and early 00s.
“I’ve always felt that Armand Van Helden was synonymous with FFRR, thanks to records and remixes like “U Don’t Know Me” and “Sugar is Sweeter” which I played to death as a wannabe DJ back in the day. I’ve always been mindful to have a focus on the future with the full acknowledgment and appreciation of the past, so to welcome Armand back to the label after 25 years with an incredible brand-new record that feels utterly current but classic at the same time, is a dream come true.” – Andy Daniell – FFRR
Returning to FFRR to deliver one of the summer’s catchiest tracks proves that Armand Van Helden shows no sign of slowing down, and to top things off, the harder sounds of his alt mix show that his innate connection to the club scene is everlasting.


La Fleur releases first music in 3 years, announcing debut album Väsenon [PIAS] Électronique

Doubly great news, as revered producer/DJ/artistLa Fleur breaks three years of musical silencewith her forthcoming debut albumVäsen–heralded by emotiveand upliftingdouble A side, ‘Chian/Slowdive’, out nowon [PIAS]Électronique, anew electronic off-shoot of independent music giants [PIAS]whose roster includesTinlicker, Innellea, Natascha Polké…


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Her signature style is technically superbly crafted yet goes straight to the emotions like a laser scalpel. Her new releases, constantly revised over the three years, have an upbeat, positive strength and melodic beauty over complex layers of percussion, so bedecked with hooks you can’t take your ears off them.


‘Chian’: kicks off with a chunky, no-prisoners synth riff, strong, assertive percussion/bass and a funky, soul-packed female vocal riff, layered with trancey melodic arps and chimes.


‘Slowdive’: a faster beat, with a hint of 80s synthpop, as poignant high-pitched arps give a spacey feel. Swoony trance synth builds to a dreamy, subtly choral breakdown, to a drop which will push the euphoria buttons in every clubber’s brain chemistry.


Why her 3-yearhiatus? 2020 marked ten years of her Power Plant label, in a career spanning Mixmag breakthrough artist,a Watergate compilation, an Essential Mix, admired releases (‘Aphelion’, ‘Ravenwaves’…), her lauded collab with Sasha ‘Förbindelse’ (an Essential New Tune), and gigs including Awakenings, Sonar By Night, Loveland,Watergate Berlin, Creamfields, Sonus, Printworks London,Sub Club,and many of Ibiza’s leading clubs.


Three years of pandemic transformed herpersonal and musicallife, as she moved home to Sweden from Berlin, puttingher Masters in Pharmaceutical Science to use as managing lead of 15-20 staff in Stockholm’s hospitals, but it ‘got me thinking. What music do I want people to associate with me? I had an album ready in 2020,but I’ve always drawn inspiration not only from music, but changing elements in my life. It’s only now I feel the tracks are ready for the world to hear.’


Dave Clarke’s mid-90’s iconic Red Series now available digitally

Originally released in 1994 and subsequently formed a cohesive trilogy of releases whose electro and unrelenting techno caused excitement and anticipation; Red 1 is a monument in Dave Clarke’s discography and its release digitally for the first time ever is a crucial step in recognising his seismic influence on a scene that followed.
Now released via Skint Records, Red’s 1’s “Protective Custody” and “Zeno Xero” unseals a classic archive that propelled Dave Clarke’s career and journey through the international dance scene.

A pinnacle of Dave Clarke’s subversive artistry, Red 1 is one of his many motifs that transcended as a creative blueprint for countless electronic producers and DJ’s looking to pave their own path. Defined by its darker and more abrasive sonic pace and visceral accents the two-track mid 90’s classic is a landmark of techno and a body of work that forged a timeless pillar of the genre. 

As a prominent figure in techno and bold ambassador for the genre’s inherent futurism, Dave Clarke has long been classified as a genuine, expressive artist whose lasting musical career combines a bold idiosyncratic passion and technical ability, crashing through walls of hesitancy with every Roland kick drum. 

A maverick, a musician and a man with a singular electronic vision, Dave Clarke has great instincts – and those singular instincts have kept him on the correct musical path for over three decades straight. Having made music of his own since 1990 –  along the way he has collaborated with and remixed everyone from Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld and New Order to Fontaines D.C. Soft Moon and Placebo. 

By disposing of the status quo virtues that music must be polished and prepared, Dave Clarke’s early recordings, now approaching their thirty-year milestone helped crack open a world for fresh voices of electronic music and lasting reverence amongst the scene’s new generation of protagonists.

Dave Clarke – “Red 1” is out now via Skint / BMG.