Selador Recordings completes 10th Anniversary EP ‘Selador Decade EP V’

Acclaimed independent electronic music label Selador Recordings – headed up by Dave Seaman & Steve Parry – completes its landmark 10th Anniversary with ‘Selador Decade EP V’ featuring four stunning electronic music collaborations. All of the Selador collaborations are rooted in longstanding, deep friendships, and mutual respect and love of music.


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Selador has toasted ten rotations round the sun at parties in London, Berlin, Denver, and Amsterdam. The label has birthed magnificent merch, special vinyl editions and musical firecrackers a-plenty…and of course atop the whole b’day cake, has been the label’s Decade series, which throughout the last few months has commemorated this significant milestone.


Charles Webster x Ursula Rucker: ‘Begin Anew’
Charles Webster is a bona fide house music royalty, 35 years of excellence and counting. Ursula Rucker is the legendary Philly poet who has been sought out by The Roots, Louie Vega, Hans Bieger, Ron Trent, Josh Wink and more. A dream pairing to produce a future classic.


Bebetta x Smash TV: ‘Hold On’
Smash TV makes a speedy and oh-so welcome return to the Decade series after Volume 3’s team-up with Just Her, joining forces this time with fellow Titan of Teutonic Tuneage and long-time Selador favourite Bebetta. The result is majestically melodic and effortlessly euphoric.


Timo Maas X Robert Babicz: ‘Eine Reise Zu Zweit’
Eine Reise Zu Zweit translates into English as A Trip for Two, and who better to be the guide down the sonic highway than these two esteemed stalwarts of the scene? It broods and it burbles as it shifts through the gears, the perfect accompaniment for your next dance floor or autobahn adventure. Buckle up.


Steve Parry x Mario Franca x Captain Mustache: ‘Nuvem’
A fitting finale to bring down the curtain on Selador’s Decade escapade, this UK-France-Portugal tag team sees Selador boss man Steve Parry in tandem with label debutants Mario ‘n’ Mustache concocting a rare beauty. Lose yourself as its soul stirring keys and instantly memorable motifs ride serenely over an acidic soundscape.


The Decade Series. 40 artists, 20 collaborations, 5 EPs, 10 years of Selador.


Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher continue their long term collaboration with their new ‘Palantir’ EP

In the realm of techno, it\\\’s been a substantial hiatus since the dynamic duo of Petar Dundov and Gregor Tresher came up with a new original release. Throughout the past decade, these titans of electronic music have consistently delivered their sonic creations via esteemed labels such as Music Man, Cocoon, GTO, Break New Soil, Mood, and Sci+Tec, amongst others. But the long wait has now drawn to a close, and this time, they unleash quite a huge package that\\\’s bound to make waves!



Prepare yourself for four fresh and original productions, all under the banner of Petar Dundov\\\’s very own Neumatik Recordings. Once again, this release underlines the breathtaking diversity that the duo can conjure. The lead track, \\\”Palantir,\\\” is nothing short of an inferno on the dancefloor. Whether you find yourself in the depths of dimly lit warehouses pulsating with strobe lights, sweating it out at the heart of a packed club, or amidst a colossal stage at a big festival, the hypnotic vibes of this track steadily build, ensnaring you in its irresistible groove.


Then there\\\’s \\\”Der Kleine Morgen“: Words can scarcely do justice to the magic woven into this track; you\\\’ll find that the music speaks volumes on its own. \\\”The Way\\\” is a sonic masterpiece, a multi-layered composition that truly reveals its enchantment when played at the perfect place and time. Lastly, \\\”Rapids\\\” is a slow-burning, emotionally charged journey that conjures images of a sunrise over a sea of unified dancers.




A1: Palantir

A2: The Way

B1: Der Kleine Morgen

B2: Rapids



Fritz Kalkbrenner drops new catchy House Single Set You Free on Nasua Music

In his latest release, \\\”Set You Free,\\\” Fritz Kalkbrenner takes a step into the realm of classic house, delivering a track that whispers of the genre\\\’s golden era. No doubt, the single is a nuanced blend of nostalgia and contemporary finesse. There\\\’s no mistaking that Fritz Kalkbrenner has also taken a little groove and warmth from his passion for boom bap hip hop and subtly woven it into this single.


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Furthermore \\\”Set You Free\\\” is a testament to Kalkbrenner\\\’s deep understanding of the roots of house music. The track effortlessly intertwines subdued melodies with the heartbeat of the past, creating an atmosphere that gently transports listeners to the dancefloor . The buttery soft groove permeates the track and touches easily body and soul.

True to the spirit of classic house, \\\”Set You Free\\\” doesn\\\’t scream for attention; instead, it beckons with a gentle allure. A whispered ode to the enduring spirit of house music. The track warmly embraces, gently guiding each listener through the night with a profound understanding of individual experiences, ultimately leading us back into the soft glow of the morning light.

In \\\”Set You Free\\\” Fritz Kalkbrenner adeptly treads the delicate line between the echoes of the past and the pulse of the present. The outcome is a catchy house tune, adorned with the unmistakable signature sound that defines Fritz Kalkbrenner\\\’s musical prowess.

The accompanying music video seamlessly embodies the essence of authenticity and a return to the core, mirroring the freedom of the spirit. It captures a sense of healthy reduction to the essentials, resonating harmoniously with the unspoken beauty of Fritz Kalkbrenner\\\’s musical narrative.

In an additional edit, Fritz Kalkbrenner delivers a poetic rendition. The cosmic soundscape is shaped by reduced drums, heightened percussion, and the absence of vocal samples, creating a setting for this equally warm version that maintains its groove. However, a layer of spoken word is artfully added, delving into the content of the music video and conveying the underlying idea behind the track: It\\\’s about being and accepting yourself.




Marian Mueller & Erlenbrunn return with new promising single ‘About Nuclear Fallout’

Marian Mueller & Erlenbrunn have done it again. The boys are back with an abstract banger that literally breaks the floor into pieces. After their two releases “Magentic Love” (2017) and “Black Out Sun” (2018), their new joint “About Nuclear Fallout” is now on schedule, completing the single trilogy. In regards to the current political situation Mueller & Erlenbrunn are deconstructing the newly revived atomic threat into a retro futuristic vocoder mosaic. The equally well-known Stachy.DJ delivers the more gritty “Muted Gas Mask Edit”, kicking with a 90s attitude and celebrating boost of distorsion, dirt and syncopated cut ups. Get ready for Mushroom clouds out of the fog machine, nuclear strobe light and thermonuclear drops. Duck and cover. It gets wild.

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Len Faki presents presents ‘Hardspace’ moniker and releases Vol. 1

Len Faki recently put out his mammoth LP Fusion, but his new moniker Hardspace finds him harking back to his signature style of specifically remixing tracks for his personal club usage. Working on the album may have helped open him up creatively, but this new project has him investing countless hours and a lot of passion into building the most efficient club tracks imaginable.

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Long-time fans of Faki know that he’s always reworked all of his sets’ tracks to uniquely suit his personal mixing style, making his sets sound as tight and cohesive in a way that stands out from the rest. Decades of experience as a producer and DJ for the dancefloor have gone into these edits, re-arranging and re-mixing sometimes forgotten tracks for a new audience. Incorporating his singular understanding of frequencies and floor dynamics, Hardspace is meant to express this side of his musical personality, while Len Faki will continue to explore a more varied approach to producing.

Swapping a lot of weekends away busily touring for much more studio time, the result marks both a technical and also personal achievement for Faki. Improved production skills, tears and emotions all have been poured into Hardspace, which will see a slew of releases in the forthcoming months.

The first volume includes a total of six reworks, both previously unreleased tools of colleague Viers or Helena Hauff’s modern acid chug, as well as some 90’s classics and hidden gems from Perry & Rhodan, Resist 101 and Ectomorph. All of these tunes have been meticulously pieced together to keep the originals’ flavour and ideas, but infuse them with the undeniable power and presence that all Faki productions have come to hold.


A1 Viers – The Club Is My House (Hardspace Mix)

B1 Resist 101 – Impulse 101 (Hardspace Mix)

B2 Viers – Some Weird Drum Shit (Hardspace Mix)

C1 Perry & Rhoda – The Beat Just Goes Straight On And On (Hardspace Mix)

D1 Helena Hauff – Rupture (Hardspace Mix)

D2 Ectomorph – The Haunting (Hardspace Mix)


Kollektiv Turmstrasse looks to the future with new album “Unity of Opposites”

The release is supported by an extensive European live tour.

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Representing the start of a fresh era for the German producer, “Unity of Opposites” is the highly anticipated new album from Kollektiv Turmstrasse.
Out now on his own Not Sorry Music imprint, “Unity of Opposites” is a love letter to the sounds and experiences that have inspired the Kollektiv Turmstrasse project since its inception. Moving forwards now as a solo venture, the album is incredibly personal and reflects many of the influences that global club culture has had on Nico Plagemann as an artist and will be supported by an extensive live tour across Europe over the coming months.
At its very core, \\\”Unity of Opposites\\\” remains deeply rooted in the essence of house music – a carefully woven tapestry of warmth, groove, and soulfulness. But Turmstrasse refuses to be limited by one style, taking the listener on a genre-hopping adventure, drawing inspiration from breakbeat to hip-hop, all the way to indie-dance with a wonderful array of vocals. What you might get if a scientific lab spliced TSHA with Floating Points, Travis Scott, and DJ Boring. \\\”Unity of Opposites\\\” is not a club album made for the dancefloor but a gift to everybody who wants to experience Turmstrasse\\\’s world in a whole new light: A heartfelt personal listening journey.
As one of the most successful German live acts in electronic music, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, also known by his real name Nico Plagemann, is an influential presence on the global techno and house sound. With regular shifts in his musical direction and stylistic development, he is living proof that change means progress. As an artist who is focused on the liberated space between breakbeat, driving house tracks and anthems for the dancefloor, he is unique and equipped with a compelling discography. “Unity of Opposites” marks his first album since the much-lauded “Rebellion Der Träumer.
In many respects, “Unity of Opposites” is a debut album, representing Turmstrasse 13 years after the last album. Embracing his creativity as a solo artist, expressing himself in the fullness of his being and inviting the listener into his eclectic and emotionally driven audio world. The feeling across all twelve tracks on this wonderfully diverse, yet cohesive, album is soulful, nourishing, emotive and warm – music made to move the body, mind and spirit in equal measure. 
Turmstrasse takes musical departures into exciting and winding avenues, leading us past breakbeat, indie dance, and techno to influences from hip hop and the catchy, but always high quality, elements of pop music. “My sound is a crossover of everything I listen to – and that ranges from soul to techno.” Something that is evident on this new album.
As Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nico Plagemann has reached a point in his career where he can experiment freely and fearlessly. With “Unity of Opposites”, he channels his broad experience and tastes into a collection of music that stands alone as a testament to his artistry.