Hadaddi von Engst’s ‘The BIG’ Featuring a Remix by Mollono.Bass on You Plus One Records

Afro house has emerged as a genre of immense significance, bridging cultural influences and providing a platform for innovative sonic expressions. The fusion of traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic beats has given rise to a dynamic and compelling genre that resonates globally. Against this backdrop, the powerhouse duo Haddadi Von Engst takes a bold leap with their fifth EP collaboration, \\\’The BIG.\\\’ Beyond being a chart-topping addition to their repertoire, this release is a testament to their unwavering commitment to sonic excellence, exemplifying their pursuit of dancefloor perfection. \\\’The BIG\\\’ not only promises an exploration of Afro-infused beats but also serves as a compelling example of the genre\\\’s evolving importance in the electronic music landscape.




The duo Haddadi Von Engst returns with their fifth EP collaboration – \\\’The BIG.\\\’ Released under the Canadian label, this track is more than just a musical offering—it\\\’s a profound exploration of Afro-infused beats, marking the duo\\\’s commitment to pushing boundaries. \\\’The BIG\\\’ showcases a fusion of infectious organic rhythms and melodies, distinguishing itself from conventional releases. What sets it apart is the collaboration with North-Eastern Germany\\\’s electronic maestro, Mollono.Bass, who transforms the original track into a deeper, more nuanced composition.

Mollono.Bass\\\’s addition brings a subtle play of clubby Tech elements and groovy drum work, elevating \\\’The BIG\\\’ to a remix beyond expectations. As Haddadi Von Engst and Mollono.Bass join forces, the EP becomes a fusion of artistic prowess and collaborative brilliance. \\\’The BIG\\\’ transcends the boundaries of traditional electronic music, inviting listeners on an immersive journey through genres that seamlessly blend Afro and deep house influences. In an era where Afro house holds increasing importance, this release stands as a shining example of the genre\\\’s evolution and impact on the contemporary electronic music scene.


FiNE unveils a new energetic Afro house track, including an Enoo Napa remix with the launch of their label Sippy Time

Renowned as FiNE, the twin brothers Craig and Darren are poised to make waves with the launch of their new label, Sippy Time. Taking a giant leap forward in their musical journey, they introduce \\\”KIDONDA\\\” – a track filled with rhythm and groove that encapsulates emotional depth and a profound sonic progression.

Hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of South Africa and nurtured in Sydney\\\’s dynamic music scene, the brothers have embarked on a whirlwind journey, navigating between the pulsating beats of Tel Aviv, the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, and the eclectic vibes of Amsterdam. Undoubtedly, this cosmopolitan experience has infused their music with a diverse range of influences, resulting in a sound that is as unique as it is captivating.

Sippy Time showcases Craig and Darren\\\’s unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend traditional rhythms with avant-garde sounds, producing tracks that transcend boundaries and resonate with a global audience. Their innovative approach to electronic music has earned them praise for its uniqueness and originality.
It\\\’s no surprise that FiNE has caught the attention of industry heavyweights, receiving consistent support from internationally acclaimed acts such as Black Coffee, Moblack, and Caiiro. Their music has become a fixture in the playlists of discerning listeners and fellow artists alike, solidifying their status as rising stars in the Afro house scene and beyond.

FiNE unveil a breathtaking portrait of vulnerability, weaving a captivating musical narrative with \\\”Kidonda\\\’\\\’, to mark the launch of their new label, Sippy Time. The sublime fusion of euphoric synths, an uplifting piano progression, and Idd Aziz’s soulful Kiswahili and Rabai vocals, talks to the warm light and love around healing a wound.
Feel the heartbeat of “Kidonda” as the track pulses with a vivid energy and a mesmerizing groove, inviting listeners to be swept through space and time, undulating to the vibrations of the cosmos.
To add a touch of remix magic, Enoo Napa delivers a stunning re-interpretation of \\\”Kidonda\\\”, delivering an additional layer of sonic wizardry to an already enchanting musical odyssey.

On March 1st, the original version of the track will be released across all major music platforms and streaming services. Followed by the release of the Enoo Napa remix on March 15th 2024.

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