Denes Toth drops Endeavour EP with thrilling Yubik Remix on Moodyverse

Moodyverse is a newly formed label based in Bratislava. It is set to bend the musical universe by providing a soundtrack to a timeless journey through space and time. Transformed from an event series, the label’s target is to release contemporary electronic music carefully crafted and selected for the dance-floor. Expect hefty grooves combined with soul-seeking melodies and join us on a journey through our universe. The debut release comes with 2 originals by label founder Denes Toth, spiced up with an impressive remix by Yubik.

Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/endeavour/4259037


Endeavour captures the attention by introducing new elements every few bars, betting on a twisty arpeggiated melody to take you all the way to the cathartic breakdown, which elevates the vibe into a dark repeated lead parade. Tested by industry heavy-weights and destined for peak-time dance-floors, it’s a must in every playlist …and it even has UFO sounds in it! Yubik’s take on Endeavour brings in more feelings and an even more direct approach to the dance-floor. Starting off with mystical vocal inserts and Yubik’s signature drum hits, the groove transports you to a transcendent, more heart-warming breakdown. …and it doesn’t stop there. The drop gets your feet moving by bringing in spicy elements one by one to make your heart beat to the impressive kickdrum.


Hlavolam’s naughty rhythm makes your ear worms wanna dance by constantly switching different percussive elements and bringing in other-wordly sounds to prepare you for what’s coming next. The sneaky arpeggiator takes you on an unexpected journey through voices of mystical creatures to meet the main character of the track: a glitchy, yet steady bass sound, which makes the drop audible even in space. Then we get a repeat of all elements joining to make yet another snare-roll fuelled breakdown to make sure the track ends in style. The journey begins here. The gate is now open: enter the Moodyverse.


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