Hannes Bieger drops his long awaited single Black Hole on his new label Elektrons

Hannes Bieger – Black Hole (Elektrons) out now.

Inaugurating the launch of Hannes Bieger’s label, Elektrons, is ‘Black Hole’, the beguiling cut that started it all. Born out of a desire to create a space to explore, embrace and expand his unique sound, Elektrons is a bold extension of Hannes’ vision and purpose. The platform represents his extraordinary abilities as a producer, performer and engineer; innate talent that has seen him travel around the globe picking up a huge following along the way. With Elektrons he embarks on a new adventure, where his
progressive and melodic techno sounds have a home to grow and thrive.

This adventure begins with the aptly-titled ‘Black Hole’. The mesmerising cut is the product of one of Hannes’ many jam sessions in his studio. A dedicated student of the analogue school, Hannes revels in experimenting with sounds through his modular set up. The track went viral and attracted over 20 million views after Hannes posted a clip of it on his socials, demonstrating that it resonated with people all over the world. This sparked the idea of launching his own platform, and the process began…
‘Black Hole’ sees Hannes channelling Giorgio Moroder, composing a hypnotic bassline that encapsulates the mid-70s protohouse disco sound. From this entrancing foundation, he builds a typically emotive arrangement, bright melodic layers juxtaposed with the pulsating low end. The tension builds progressively, guiding the listener towards a soul-nourishing breakdown.

Hannes’ grasp of dance floor-friendly arrangement is evident in the effortless way in which he brings together various layers to tantalise and captivate throughout.
As is typical of Hannes’ productions, this is a cut that moves the body and soul in equal measure. Dance floor groove and energy, with emotionally-charged elements that are designed to trigger unforgettable moments. A statement of intent, ‘Black Hole’ marks a brand new chapter for Hannes Bieger and signals the launch of his label Elektrons. A harmonious marriage of rhythm and melody with Hannes’ unique fingerprints all over it, this cut sets the bar high and gives a clear indication of the direction he’s taking with Elektrons.

Hannes Bieger – Black Hole:

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