La Fleur releases first music in 3 years, announcing debut album Väsenon [PIAS] Électronique

Doubly great news, as revered producer/DJ/artistLa Fleur breaks three years of musical silencewith her forthcoming debut albumVäsen–heralded by emotiveand upliftingdouble A side, ‘Chian/Slowdive’, out nowon [PIAS]Électronique, anew electronic off-shoot of independent music giants [PIAS]whose roster includesTinlicker, Innellea, Natascha Polké…


Stream & Buy https://lafleur.ffm.to/chian-slowdive


Her signature style is technically superbly crafted yet goes straight to the emotions like a laser scalpel. Her new releases, constantly revised over the three years, have an upbeat, positive strength and melodic beauty over complex layers of percussion, so bedecked with hooks you can’t take your ears off them.


‘Chian’: kicks off with a chunky, no-prisoners synth riff, strong, assertive percussion/bass and a funky, soul-packed female vocal riff, layered with trancey melodic arps and chimes.


‘Slowdive’: a faster beat, with a hint of 80s synthpop, as poignant high-pitched arps give a spacey feel. Swoony trance synth builds to a dreamy, subtly choral breakdown, to a drop which will push the euphoria buttons in every clubber’s brain chemistry.


Why her 3-yearhiatus? 2020 marked ten years of her Power Plant label, in a career spanning Mixmag breakthrough artist,a Watergate compilation, an Essential Mix, admired releases (‘Aphelion’, ‘Ravenwaves’…), her lauded collab with Sasha ‘Förbindelse’ (an Essential New Tune), and gigs including Awakenings, Sonar By Night, Loveland,Watergate Berlin, Creamfields, Sonus, Printworks London,Sub Club,and many of Ibiza’s leading clubs.


Three years of pandemic transformed herpersonal and musicallife, as she moved home to Sweden from Berlin, puttingher Masters in Pharmaceutical Science to use as managing lead of 15-20 staff in Stockholm’s hospitals, but it ‘got me thinking. What music do I want people to associate with me? I had an album ready in 2020,but I’ve always drawn inspiration not only from music, but changing elements in my life. It’s only now I feel the tracks are ready for the world to hear.’

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