Riva Starr remixes Eddie Amador’s classic ‘House Music’ as part of the 25th Anniversary series

Yoshitoshi continues its celebration of Eddie Amador’s ‘House Music’ at 25 years with the release of a star-studded remix from Riva Starr.

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25 years is a long time in dance music. Ask any clubber what tracks they remember from 1999 and, odds-on, you’ll be met with a shrug. However, mention ‘House Music’ and it’s a different kettle of karate; not only was it one of – if not THE – seminal release of the year, it’s gone on to stand the test of time.


Stefano Miele, better known as Riva Starr, is a distinguished DJ, producer, and the mastermind behind Snatch! Records and Brock Wild. Based in East London, Riva Starr has become renowned for his ability to transcend genre constraints and defy expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the global music scene.


Only fitting then that Sharam gave ‘House Music’ the first ‘2.5’ refresh earlier this year, now on 5th July, Yoshi drops Riva Starr’s mix, which as the Paris Olympics is set to start, fittingly ramps the vocal and filters to evoke and capture the spirit of classic, Daft Punk-esque, French house. It’s a track equally at home at a grand cafe on the Champs Elyse, wearing a pair of black Channel sunglasses, sipping an aperitif whilst casually chaining a pack of Gauloises, as it is on the dancefloor.

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