HELLMATE, Santiago & Carlitos, Chantal Lewis-Brown – Show Me Love | Glasgow Underground

If there\\\’s one song so brilliant yet so saturated that we thought we would never want to do a version, it is \\\”Show Me Love\\\”. It\\\’s the kind of song that is so iconic that any remakes would have old DJs shouting at clouds and certain Facebook groups spouting comments by the 100s faster than you can say, \\\”SOME RECORDS SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED!!\\\” However, as you all know, we are focussed only on making happy dancefloors and regularly eat those comments for breakfast! Honestly, though, even our A&Rs took some convincing with this song. However, after seeing this version destroy dancefloors big and small with equally devastating effects, we knew we had to do it. Up stepped Chantal Brown and delivered her fantastic take on this killer song. Add to that the system-shaking beats of Hellmate and Santiago & Carlitos, and we have another supreme party starter for your sets.

Stream & Buy https://music.glasgowunderground.com/showmelovegu