Official Gregor Tresher Remix: The Streets ‘3 Minutes To Midnight’

Given the co-sign by Mike Skinner himself, Gregor Tresher’s monumental reimagining of The Streets\\\’ \\\’3 Minutes To Midnight\\\’, once an anonymous gem, is now getting an official release via Gregor’s label Break New Soil. 


Gregor\\\’s admiration for The Streets\\\’ seminal 2002 album, ‘Original Pirate Material,’ has fuelled his unwavering support for Mike Skinner\\\’s extraordinary musical journey.

This rework quickly became a closely-guarded secret weapon, setting dance floors ablaze wherever he played it. The idea of reaching out to The Streets arose, driven by curiosity about Mike\\\’s reaction to the remix. Not only did he appreciate it, but he also granted the label permission to officially release it on Break New Soil.




Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher continue their long term collaboration with their new ‘Palantir’ EP

In the realm of techno, it\\\’s been a substantial hiatus since the dynamic duo of Petar Dundov and Gregor Tresher came up with a new original release. Throughout the past decade, these titans of electronic music have consistently delivered their sonic creations via esteemed labels such as Music Man, Cocoon, GTO, Break New Soil, Mood, and Sci+Tec, amongst others. But the long wait has now drawn to a close, and this time, they unleash quite a huge package that\\\’s bound to make waves!



Prepare yourself for four fresh and original productions, all under the banner of Petar Dundov\\\’s very own Neumatik Recordings. Once again, this release underlines the breathtaking diversity that the duo can conjure. The lead track, \\\”Palantir,\\\” is nothing short of an inferno on the dancefloor. Whether you find yourself in the depths of dimly lit warehouses pulsating with strobe lights, sweating it out at the heart of a packed club, or amidst a colossal stage at a big festival, the hypnotic vibes of this track steadily build, ensnaring you in its irresistible groove.


Then there\\\’s \\\”Der Kleine Morgen“: Words can scarcely do justice to the magic woven into this track; you\\\’ll find that the music speaks volumes on its own. \\\”The Way\\\” is a sonic masterpiece, a multi-layered composition that truly reveals its enchantment when played at the perfect place and time. Lastly, \\\”Rapids\\\” is a slow-burning, emotionally charged journey that conjures images of a sunrise over a sea of unified dancers.




A1: Palantir

A2: The Way

B1: Der Kleine Morgen

B2: Rapids



Gregor Tresher Releases his ‘Black Halo’ EP via the legendary Cocoon Recordings

Cocoon Recordings\\\’ next 12” vinyl comes from a well-known face. No introduction needed as nobody less than Gregor Tresher once again delivers a superb and surprising pair of tracks.

“Black Halo” is down-the-line and perhaps one of the catchiest tracks by Gregor Tresher.


The wobbling driving bassline builds up a rising tension that increases through the vast, detuned, and powerful string parts appearing to extend out to light years, reaching far beyond. Zaps drive the rhythm forward while rushing cymbals push the groove and weld everything together to absolute unity. For Gregor, techno and club culture have certain transcendental qualities, “Black Halo” is concerned with these sentiments and tells an ambivalent story. The onset of bliss oscillates between melancholy and hope, making it an exuberant roller coaster of emotions. A classic Gregor Tresher track, which perfectly represents Gregor’s signature sound!


“Phantom Dancer” literally pulls you onto the dance floor. Discharging beats, which hit you heavily but pleasant. The atmosphere violently evolves with a twisted noise-like signal sound and gets even more brute through the low-pitched filter vocals. An exceptionally deep techno production by Gregor Tresher, which will definitely come to full fruition in the clubs at peak time.



(1) Gregor Tresher – Black Halo

(2) Gregor Tresher – Phantom Dancer