Marian Mueller & Erlenbrunn return with new promising single ‘About Nuclear Fallout’

Marian Mueller & Erlenbrunn have done it again. The boys are back with an abstract banger that literally breaks the floor into pieces. After their two releases “Magentic Love” (2017) and “Black Out Sun” (2018), their new joint “About Nuclear Fallout” is now on schedule, completing the single trilogy. In regards to the current political situation Mueller & Erlenbrunn are deconstructing the newly revived atomic threat into a retro futuristic vocoder mosaic. The equally well-known Stachy.DJ delivers the more gritty “Muted Gas Mask Edit”, kicking with a 90s attitude and celebrating boost of distorsion, dirt and syncopated cut ups. Get ready for Mushroom clouds out of the fog machine, nuclear strobe light and thermonuclear drops. Duck and cover. It gets wild.

Stream & Buy https://hypeddit.com/yl6ug6