Premiere: David Phoenix – Vision Serpent (Breger Remix) | Vison Serpent

Before you lies a vision of a distant realm, one carpeted in ruddy-toned grasses that stretch endlessly into the distance, and marked by massive mycelial growths that shoot their spore-filled silhouettes skywards to incredible heights. The vision you see is bisected by a crystalline river that flows with a water most pure, the single familiar element that flows amidst this alien landscape. From the fringes of the fungal towers, reptilian beasts spread their leathery wings and glide down to the surface to snatch gigantic insects whose brilliant carapaces shimmer blue-green in the light of the planet\\\’s vibrant sun. Amidst this ochre savanna lay a number of boulders strewn carelessly across its surface by ancient natural forces that now lay dormant, the rocky terrain a reminder of the glacial facade that this land once bore. There is a distinct mystery inherent in this mushroomed realm, presenting a visage of nature so foreign from your own and yet still reminiscent of so many places you know. You long to roam amidst its sandy grasses, to follow the river that flows from its center to locations unknown, to see the flying lizards glide gently above your head. The portal lies open before you – will you step through and enter the world that the coiled tail of the Vision Serpent so tantalizingly presents? DAVID PHOENIX delivers the debut release for VISION SERPENT with an EP that shares the label\\\’s name, delivering two solo tracks and a pair of remixes to accompany them provided by likeminded psytech artists Breger and Kaufmann. With this initial entry into the label\\\’s catalog, VISION SERPENT has opened the portal to the first of many alien worlds, and invites listeners to indulge in the sounds that emanate from within.

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EP: David Phoenix – Vision Serpent
LABEL: Vison Serpent
RELEASE: 2023-10-20