Dave Clarke’s mid-90’s iconic Red Series now available digitally

Originally released in 1994 and subsequently formed a cohesive trilogy of releases whose electro and unrelenting techno caused excitement and anticipation; Red 1 is a monument in Dave Clarke’s discography and its release digitally for the first time ever is a crucial step in recognising his seismic influence on a scene that followed.
Now released via Skint Records, Red’s 1’s “Protective Custody” and “Zeno Xero” unseals a classic archive that propelled Dave Clarke’s career and journey through the international dance scene.

A pinnacle of Dave Clarke’s subversive artistry, Red 1 is one of his many motifs that transcended as a creative blueprint for countless electronic producers and DJ’s looking to pave their own path. Defined by its darker and more abrasive sonic pace and visceral accents the two-track mid 90’s classic is a landmark of techno and a body of work that forged a timeless pillar of the genre. 

As a prominent figure in techno and bold ambassador for the genre’s inherent futurism, Dave Clarke has long been classified as a genuine, expressive artist whose lasting musical career combines a bold idiosyncratic passion and technical ability, crashing through walls of hesitancy with every Roland kick drum. 

A maverick, a musician and a man with a singular electronic vision, Dave Clarke has great instincts – and those singular instincts have kept him on the correct musical path for over three decades straight. Having made music of his own since 1990 –  along the way he has collaborated with and remixed everyone from Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld and New Order to Fontaines D.C. Soft Moon and Placebo. 

By disposing of the status quo virtues that music must be polished and prepared, Dave Clarke’s early recordings, now approaching their thirty-year milestone helped crack open a world for fresh voices of electronic music and lasting reverence amongst the scene’s new generation of protagonists.

Dave Clarke – “Red 1” is out now via Skint / BMG.